Forty-six people were injured Wednesday in a 10-vehicle accident involving a Greyhound bus that occurred in a blinding sandstorm on Interstate 15 in the Mojave Desert.

Sixteen people were hospitalized, two with major injuries, hospital officials said.The other 30 people suffered minor cuts and bruises and were taken in a school bus to a makeshift medical center at the Yermo Fire Department, where they were treated then released, California Highway Patrol spokesman Gary Ross said.

Officer Donny Jones said the accident occurred about 11 a.m., 10 miles north of Barstow on the main highway leading from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

A truck carrying rolls of industrial paper weighing 5,000 pounds each "failed to observe" a vehicle in front of him because of the swirling sand, fanned by winds up to 70 mph, Jones said. The driver swerved to avoid the vehicle, sending some of the rolls of paper crashing onto the highway.

One of the rolls, Jones said, struck the front of the bus carrying 26 passengers, sending it careening into the center divider. Eight other vehicles then plowed into the back of the truck.