Residents of Vineyard will be checking out their Christmas presents from the Town Council for the rest of the year.

The Vineyard Town Council is giving each family a card to the Orem City Library."We have been an unincorporated area in the county forever," said Venice Gammon, wife of Vineyard Mayor Rulon Gammon. "One thing that frustrated us is we didn't have access to a library."

So this Christmas the town will buy each family that wants one a $25 non-resident Orem Library card.

It's not every town that can afford to give its residents a Christmas present. But then, Vineyard, with about 150 residents, is not just any town: It happens to have the county's largest taxpayer within its boundaries - Geneva Steel.

Vineyard, which became a town last April, will receive property tax revenues for the first time in 1991.