A state grand jury reindicted Wednesday a Phoenix man for the slaying of a newspaper reporter, 11 years after his conviction for the killing was overturned on appeal.

Contractor Max Dunlap had been convicted in November 1977, along with James Robison, of murdering Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles.Bolles died 11 days after a bomb exploded under his car in a parking lot.

Their first-degree murder convictions were overturned on a technicality in February 1980. Dunlap was freed, but Robison remained in prison on an unrelated assault conviction and was reindicted for first-degree murder in January 1990.

Attorney General Robert Corbin said Wednesday he had obtained the cooperation of a third man in the case, John Harvey Adamson, who testified that he placed the bomb under Bolles' car. He is serving time for second-degree murder.

Adamson said during the original trial that Dunlap hired him to kill the reporter and Robison helped him build the bomb and triggered the explosion by radio from a block away.

Bolles was allegedly killed at the behest of a local businessman whom Bolles had targeted in several investigative stories. The businessman was never charged in the case.

Dunlap was ordered to appear in Maricopa County Superior Court Jan. 3.