A multi-million dollar expansion of a trash-burning facility in Wilmington reflects America's growing interest in energy conservation, efficiency and concern for the environment, reports an energy management industry journal.

The expansion will include the addition of a 5-megawatt steam turbine generator that will supplement the output of the facility's current 4-megawatt turbine, on-line for six years, according to Energy User News magazine.Both turbines run off heat produced in solid waste incinerators. The plant will be able to produce electricity for resale to the local power and light company and the generated steam for resale to a local chemical and fertilizer production firm.

According to county officials, the entity will make around $600,000 a year in extra electricity sales to the power company as a result of the new generating capacity. Extra income from steam sales will reach nearly $500,000.

A large portion of the expansion expense is being used for the installation of extra pollution abatement equipment, as an indication of concern for the environment.