Here is a partial list of survivors of the accident Tuesday in which seven people were killed and 44 were injured. Some of the injured were in chain-reaction accidents among cars following the bus. Most hometowns were not available.

Those being treated in Salt Lake hospitals are Chandon Peter Gomez, 20, attending school in Utah, critical condition, LDS Hospital; John Matingo, 19, Kenya, Africa, and Donna Burt, 30, Pennsylvania, University Hospital, critical, but stable.These are the passengers being treated at the IHC Evanston Regional Hospital: Irene Mollico, 64, Western Spring, Ill., critical, but stable condition; Peggy Ninham, 52, Buffalo, N.Y., fair; Leroy Rebischke, 62, Palm Springs, Calif., fair; Lorena Lowell, 24, Van Nuys, Calif., fair; Jack Brown, 26, Atwater, Calif., fair; Felicia Whitehead, 28, Modesto, Calif., fair; Shelton Schneider, 19, Chadron, Neb., fair; Kenneth Ingham, 60, DeMoines, Iowa, fair; Felicia Smith, 20, Lincoln, Neb., fair; Brandon Smith, 6 months, Lincoln, Neb., good; Salome Bartha, 36, San Francisco, fair; William Day, 52, Idaho Falls, Idaho, stable; Javier Gutierriz, 15, Ontario, Ore., fair; Robert Williams, 49, Salt Lake City, fair; Ignacio Gutierrez, 78, Omaha, Neb., fair.

Other survivors listed by the Department of Transportation included Ronald Belart, 30; Donna Bure, 25; Kenneth Crabtree, 42, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Laura Day, 49; Richard Galley; Janette Gazell, 17; David Geertsen, 21; Russell Gomez, 21; Aaron Hill, 18, Freeport, Ill. ; Bonita Kazen, 26; Amber Kier, 19; Sanjay Maker, 30; Mi-Ly (no first name listed), 29; John Mutungi, 19;

Tara Neel; Steve Neel; Linda Newman, Stuart Palmer, 38; Endrica Romeci, 28; Curt Schnitzer; Millie Ungard, 40; Debbie Ungard, 20; Britney Whitehead; Loren Whitehead; and Haoyi Zheng, 28, Beijing; Javier Guherrez, fair.

They were taken to the National Guard Armory or private homes.