The holiday party season signals the annual rise in drunken-driving arrests, as people imbibe too much alcohol before climbing behind the wheel.

"Some people," says Salt Lake County Sheriff N.D. "Pete" Hayward, "still have not learned that drinking and driving is not the thing to do - ever."Hayward says that this holiday season, deputy sheriffs will be "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and Ebenezer Scrooge all rolled into one if they catch motorists driving under the influence.

Think of it this way, Hayward says - the money you'll have to spend if you get arrested for DUI could pay for Christmas for three large families with money left over.

So, Hayward suggests the following:

- If you plan on drinking alcohol, don't plan on driving. Appoint a designated driver, call a taxi or stay the night.

- Remember that a host may be held liable for injuries and damage caused by intoxicated guests after they leave his or her party.

- Be a true friend - do not let your drunken friend drive. Confiscate car keys if necessary.

- Understand that there is no way to sober up quickly. Cold showers, black coffee or walking it off don't work - only time does.

- Don't ride with someone who has been drinking.