Idaho officials, like those in Utah, are looking at reservoir projects on the Bear River.

At two recent public hearings, the Idaho version of the Bear River Task Force discussed possible dams at Caribou, near Soda Springs, and Rocky Point, near Montpelier.The Caribou site was the intended focus of the two hearings. Officials have been looking at this site for several years.

The Rocky Point proposal caught most observers by surprise, especially those from Utah.

Carly Burton, who represents Utah Power & Light Co. on Utah's Bear River Task Force, said the Rocky Point site is of special concern because of its proximity to Bear Lake.

He said it appears that the site has not yet received serious consideration but will need to be closely monitored.

Burton said the Rocky Point site is of special concern because of the potential impact on highways, railroads and power transmission lines in the area.

Burton said it appears Idaho will continue its task force for another year and there is a movement to have the Idaho Legislature create a special fund to begin accruing money for future construction projects.

Legislation will be introduced in Utah this year seeking a $10 million appropriation to begin a similar fund.