An oil painting of five Sandy Post Office employees now hangs in the Sandy Post Office work area.

The painting resembles some of the large murals painted in the 1930s by artists working for the federal government's WPA, or Works Projects Administration.The artist, Karleen Lund Logan, West Jordan, said she is a student at Salt Lake Community College and undertook the painting, which measures 6 feet long by 38 inches high, as a project in her school art class.

She took photographs of five postal employees - Peter Gonzalez, Dottie Jessop, Horst Peleschka, Elburn McConnell and Logan's husband, Rick - and completed the work over a period of three to four weeks.

Sandy Postmaster Ernie Maes said he liked the painting so much he talked the artist into giving it to the post office. Postal employees have remarked how lifelike the figures in the painting are. Those who are depicted in the painting say they enjoy seeing themselves looking back at them.

Lund said she has been fascinated by drawing and painting since she was a little girl and would like to become a professional artist someday.