Anthony Palmer and Marvin Scott were the lucky ones, survivors of the city's latest crime wave: killing for coats.

At least five young people have been killed in the past four weeks in the New York City area by thieves who wanted their trendy coats.Palmer, 22, was grazed by a bullet Sunday after he refused to hand over his jacket to four men as he left a party. The men fled without the jacket.

Twenty-year-old Scott was shot in the leg at 3 a.m. Sunday trying to run away from a gunman who demanded his goosedown jacket. He limped to a hospital.

Police say two coats have become popular targets for thieves: A jacket that has a billiard ball in multicolored leather patches and a white sheepskin collar, and coats made of shearling leather, preferably three-quarters length.

"It's become the in thing," said Lt. James Malvey. "Years ago it was bomber jackets. Now it's leather jackets. Nothing's changed but the fashion."

About 20 people have survived such attacks, police said. At least five others died.