The public hearing requested by ABP Investments to decide whether it can place temporary office sites in the Timpanogos Research and Technology Park should have been postponed because those who requested the hearing weren't able to come.

Instead, the City Council meeting Tuesday became a vent for frustrations about WordPerfect Corp. and ABP Investments, an organization made up of WordPerfect executives.Ron Wilkinson, a neighbor to the research park, said he and other residents believe there are some promises made by WordPerfect when the company located in north Orem that are not being kept.

"I see no need for temporary buildings, because we were promised that there wouldn't be any," Wilkinson said.

He also said there were promises of access to the area and that buildings would not obstruct the view. He said neither has been kept.

Resident Linda Farnsworth said, "I think we've been terribly inconvenienced enough" and emphasized that her view and privacy had been ruined.

"I am not against WordPerfect; I think they are doing good things. My point is that the promises are not being kept," Wilkinson said.

Skip Anderson said there is noise in the area early in the morning and noise from truck traffic during the day.

"We were told there would be no noise because there was no manufacturing," he said.

City Councilman H. Keith Hunt said these people are the same ones who fought for the project 10 years ago and now feel they were betrayed.

Randy Deschamps, an architect representing ABP Investments in asking for extension of the hearing, said the things he heard will get back to the people who can make the appropriate decisions.

He also said the crisis for which the extra space originally was needed no longer exists, and ABP Investments is applying for the temporary sites just in case problems arise again.

Council members suggested that it might be appropriate for ABP Investments to drop the request because of the citizen comments.

Deschamps said he would pass along the information and suggestions.

Mayor S. Blaine Willes asked City Manager Daryl Berlin to research the minutes and proceedings of the first meetings on the subject.

But Hunt said, "It doesn't really matter what was said, because those citizens believe what they heard, and I think we need to address that issue."

The council postponed any decisions about the temporary sites until Jan. 22, when ABP Investments is scheduled to come to the council meeting.