Lebanese Prime Minister Selim Hoss resigned Wednesday, clearing the way for the formation of a new government including the country's rival militia leaders, officials said.

"I herewith submit the resignation of the government hoping that this will clear the way for the formation of a new Cabinet that would respond to the demands of the coming phase in implementing the national reconciliation pact," Hoss said in a letter.The sources said the resignation was submitted to President Elias Hrawi during a Cabinet meeting Wednesday.

"The president accepted the resignation," said an official source."

Formation of a national reconciliation Cabinet is stipulated in an Arab-brokered peace pact ratified by parliament last year.

The pact, signed in Taif, Saudi Arabia, granted more power to the country's Moslem majority in the previously Christian-dominated political system.

Hoss, a 61-year-old Sunni Moslem, formed the present 14-member government one day after the election of the Syrian-backed Hrawi in November 1989.

His resignation was expected following establishment of a militia-free Greater Beirut under the authority of Hrawi's troops earlier this month.

Hrawi will consult parliament before choosing a new prime minister.