Japan said Tuesday its firms would donate 20,000 Walkman-type cassette players to the multinational forces in the gulf as part of Tokyo's aid package.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Taizo Watanabe told a news conference Japan was moving rapidly to meet a detailed shopping list from the U.S. forces in Saudi Arabia out of $2 billion Tokyo has set aside for the force.The list asks for $300 million worth of goods, including a total of 1,000 trucks, bulldozers and passenger cars as well as timber, computers, forklift trucks and medical containers, he said. Eighty percent of these items would be made in the United States, he added.

It was unfair to criticize Japan for not moving fast enough to help the force, because any tardiness was due to delays in requests made to Japan, Watanabe said.

Japan has already committed $1.6 billion to buy goods needed by the force, for aid to refugees stranded by the Persian Gulf crisis and assistance for Middle East countries hurt by an embargo on trade with Iraq, he said.