Southern Pacific Railroad's Blair Cutler won the annual world champion spike-driving contest for professional railroaders Saturday by pounding six spikes into railroad ties in 30.45 seconds.

Cutler, of Ogden, won the championship, which was held as part of the 12th annual Railroader's Festival at Golden Spike National Monument, for the second consecutive year.

He knocked nearly six seconds off his winning time of last year, when he bettered five-time champion Dale Jones, who had set a world record in 1984 with the time of 26.4 seconds. That feat earned Jones a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Second place Saturday went to Scott Leatherman, a locomotive engineer at Golden Spike National Monument, with a time of 31.57 seconds. Third place went to Luis Rangel, of Union Pacific Railroad, Ogden, with a time of 32.87 seconds. And fourth place went to Jesse Marin, of Union Pacific, Elko, Nev., at 34.35 seconds.

Denny Davies, National Park Service superintendent, said the daylong festival is dedicated each year to railroad construction techniques and some of the ways railroad families spent their recreation time 100 years ago.

The Golden Spike National Monument is a historic site within the National Park Service system that commemorates the spot of the completion of the transcontinental railroad at Promontory in 1869.