Elsinore residents on 13 city blocks are finally out of the dust. Streets have been paved at a cost of $72,000, according to Mayor George M. Anderson.

The council found it necessary to hold a public hearing to transfer $61,510 into the streets and roads budget to cover the costs. The mayor said the council was aware the city had sufficient funds for the project but had budgeted only $17,000 for the department.He pointed out that original plans called for paving only three blocks, and there would have been enough money in the department to cover those costs. "But residents wanted more blocks included because they're tired of dust from dirt streets."

The city has also taken out a tax anticipation note for $20,000, which will be paid back in four years. That was part of the $61,500. Other sources included general administration, $10,500; public participation, $24,000; parks and buildings, $3,000; and other funds and excess from previous years, $4,000. This revamped the streets and roads department budget to $78,500.

The paving project was contracted with Hales Sand and Gravel.

It was also announced that water from Oak Springs will be piped into the culinary water system when mandatory chlorination begins, delivering about 900 gallons per hour. The Environmental Protection Agency is requiring every city to chlorinate its water supply in 1991, a council member reported.

The city has built a shed to house equipment at a cost of $1,084, the mayor said.