The commissioner of the Southwest Conference said Monday he had been given the go-ahead by presidents of the member schools to investigate the possibility of expanding the league or arranging an alliance with other leagues.

"That does not necessarily mean we are going to expand," said Commissioner Fred Jacoby. "But before, the presidents were waiting to see whether they liked the idea or not. Now they say go ahead and look."Jacoby declined to say what direction he might go in scouting for potential new conference members.

Possibilities, however, include an alliance with the Big Eight Conference or the newly formed football wing of the Big East Conference. Such an alliance would feature scheduling of football games between the SWC and one or both of those leagues.

One of the plans on Jacoby's drawing board calls for a SWC team to play six conference games, two with the Big East, two with the Big Eight and one against another school outside the conference.

In addition, the Metro Conference has dwindled in recent days to just four teams. Those four - Virginia Tech, Louisville, Southern Mississippi and Tulane - could be candidates for a league trying to expand.