Not all women are paid less than men.

A salary survey by Working Woman magazine shows that Oprah Winfrey makes $38 million a year, compared to only $8 million for Phil Donahue, because, unlike Phil, she owns the exclusive syndication rights to her show.Madonna's $5 million for a two-minute Pepsi commercial also tops the $2 million that Michael J. Fox, who has been making commercials for Pepsi since 1986, makes in a year.

In the publishing world, Katherine Graham of The Washington Post Co. earns $739,874, more than twice what Charles Scripps makes as chairman of the board of the E.W. Scripps Co., while Robin Burns reaps $1.3 million as head of the Estee Lauder cosmetics firm and J.E. Preston gets only $843,932 as chairman of Avon.