A Southern California man who was found shot to death in his burned car at a remote southern Utah scenic area apparently killed himself, Kane County deputy sheriffs said Saturday.

The body of Thorald Slade Goulding, 54, of Santa Barbara, was so badly burned it took state medical examiners nearly a week to identify the victim, detectives said.The autopsy determined the cause of death to be a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head, a dispatcher said. A 20-guage shotgun was found on the car seat next to Goulding.

Authorities said Goulding's charred remains were discovered Aug. 7 by tourists at Grosvenor Arch, 30 miles north of the Utah-Arizona state line, near the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Detectives believe the fire was set Aug. 6.

"Police are continuing the investigation, but say the evidence indicates Goulding set the car on fire and then shot himself," a sheriff's dispatcher said.