The City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to revoke the business license of New Images, a private modeling business.

The revocation comes just six weeks after the business, 2480 S. Main St., Suite 214, was granted its license and three weeks after police arrested a 39-year-old female employee for soliciting sex from an undercover officer.An undercover officer visited New Images July 15 and paid $50 for a half-hour private modeling session with a female employee.

During the course of the session, the officer asked the price of a sex act. The woman said it would cost $10, later lowered the price to $5, then offered it free of charge, according to police reports.

The officer arrested the woman and issued her a misdemeanor citation charging her with offering and agreeing to a sex act.

Police have received a large number of complaints from neighboring businesses concerning New Images.

Attorney Ray Stoddard, representing New Images, told the council the employee did not intend to go through with the sex act, but was only fantasizing out loud at the request of the officer.

However, City Attorney Clint Balmforth said that was unlikely because the employee explicitly told the officer to ready himself for the act.

Balmforth said the actions that took place in the private room went beyond fantasy.

Denise Watson, manager of New Images, told the council that the arrested employee was new on the job and the officer was only her second customer. Watson said the business license should not be revoked because of the actions of an employee. Watson fired the employee the night of the arrest.

Councilman Howard Moore asked Watson what services New Images offers. Watson told the council that New Images offers private conversation and "a shoulder to lean on." She said the business was designed to reduce stress.

Stoddard told the council that New Images should not be judged by "one ambiguous incident."

However, Balmforth recommended the revocation based on past complaints and behavior patterns, stating that there was no doubt New Images is a front for a sexually oriented business.

New Images is one of four private modeling businesses in South Salt Lake that the police department is investigating.