Age: 58Born: West Valley City

Family: Wife Delores; children Rick, Greg, Nicole and Nanette

Education: B.S. degree in electrical engineering from University of Utah

Occupation: Facilities manager, Unisys Corp.

CITY STATS Size: 34 square miles

Population: About 90,000, second-largest in Utah

Budget: $19.3 million

Number of employees: 280

Mayor's salary: $12,000 per year

PERSONAL Politics: Generally Republican

First "real" job: Instructor at Salt Lake School of Electronics while attending the U.

Management style: Surround oneself with competent self-starters. Give them the responsibility and authority to act in their position with frequent reviews of their performance. Keep city staff at a minimum by contracting out most services and construction to the private sector.

Why I like being mayor: One of the most enjoyable things is meeting with city residents and business leaders who have problems where the city can play a part in the solution. Another positive aspect is that the mayor plays a major role in the development of the city as it is going through a rapid growth phase. "Mayors get a lot of satisfaction in seeing their city progress in a direction which makes for a better lifestyle for the residents."

Why I hate being mayor: "I do not hate being mayor. Why would one run for the office of mayor if he hated the position?"

Recipe for success: Planning, listening. "Every city, business and household should have a plan for accomplishing those things that are important to their overall goals. Listening to others and seeking their advice as it relates to your plan is a most important part of being a success. No one can do it alone."

A memorable failure: Tried to learn to play the piano without much success.

Heroes: "Throughout my life I have had many heroes. One was my father, who taught me honesty, integrity and how to be friends with everyone."

Leisure: Boating, particularly at Lake Powell.

Favorite book: "All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" and "The Book of Mosiah" have provided "a philosophy of life I try to follow," but generally doesn't have much time for books. Enjoys periodicals like National Geographic and other current affairs publications.

Favorite movie: "Dead Poets Society"