Comedian Jay Leno has been making a lot of phone calls since he got back from an October trip to entertain the troops in Saudi Arabia.

"The soldiers gave me about 200 names of all these parents," he wrote in the Dec. 24 issue of People magazine."I've been calling them up and saying, like, `I saw Timmy.' And they go, `Where was he? How's he doing?' People are so happy that you call, you feel good about it."

Leno, a regular guest host on "The Tonight Show," traveled by helicopter to 20 remote sites in four days and just "stood up on a tank and started to tell some jokes."

"This is what I envision show business was like in the 12th century," he said. "You just go from caravan to caravan, stand on something, start talking and hope a crowd gathers. The one advantage to this was these guys really had nothing else to do."