Alta View Hospital-

ATHMANN, Sonja and SMITH, Scott, Sandy, boy.

COOKE, D. Grant and Donna, West Jordan, boy.

HOMER, Ray and Julie, Sandy, boy.

JENSEN, Ryan and Tracey, Sandy, girl.

KUNKLER, John and Rosalie, Salt Lake City, girl.

NIELSEN, Bruce and Tracy, Draper, boy.

OLSEN, Leif and Denise, West Jordan, boy.

SNYDER, Marty and Marcia, West Valley City, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

ALBRECHT, Kenny and Denise, Salt Lake City, girl.

ANDERSON, Brian and Sheri Ann, Salt Lake City, boy.

BARNES, Kevin and Gaylene, Salt Lake City, boy.

BARNEY, Roger and Marsha, Richfield, girl.

CHASEL, Douglas and Melissa, Sandy, girl.

COLWELL, Jenny, Salt Lake City, boy.

CUCCIA, Joel and Melinda, Murray, boy.

DAVEY, Jeffrey and Teresa, Salt Lake City, girl.

DAVIS, Glen and Melinda, Salt Lake City, boy.

HYER, Troy and Pamela, Salt Lake City, girl.

JOHNSON, William and Marsha, Salt Lake City, boy.

LEWIS, Reid and Wendy, Salt Lake City, boy.

NELSEN, Glen and Michelle, Salt Lake City, boy.

PETTY, M. Chet and Christina, West Jordan, boy.

WADSWORTH, Jeff and Alison, Salt Lake City, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

AVERY, Carl and Paula, boy.

CARLILE, Kristine, boy.

COX, Tony and Fonda, boy.

GLIDDEN, Daniel and Augusta, boy.

HARDESTY, Brad and Tammy, boy.

HERZET, Jerry and Debra, boy.

JOHNSON, Michael and Tammy, boy.

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Fernando, boy.

LAMM, Larry and Mari, girl

MURDOCK, Derek and Charise, boy.

NAVALES, Jesse and Leila, girl.

NEVAREC, George and Wendy, boy.

ROMNEY, Brent and Emiko, boy.

SHEEHY, Robert and Clydene, boy.

WOOD, Richie and Lisa, girl.

LDS Hospital-

WILLIAMSON, Ryan and Cheri, twin girls.

ANDERSEN, Laurelee, boy.

BOWLES, Terry and Julie, boy.

CHAN, Willie and Anissa, girl.

DEVEREAUX, Robert L. and Rhonda, boy.

DIDIER, Patrick Michael and Karen, boy.

ERCANBRACK, Wesley and Marcelle, girl.

GALLEGOS, Michael R. and Beverly, boy.

HAYES, Edgar D. and Wendy, girl.

HESS, Allen E. and Chimane, girl.

HUBBLE, Peter and LuJean, boy.

LAMPE, Karl Walter and Lynn, boy.

MEAAMALLE, Muaava and Talusa, girl.

OLSON, Kenneth S. and Lori, girl.

PETERSON, Kim John and Donna, boy.

PITTS, Derald and Tobie, girl.

REYNOLDS, Robert and Michelle, boy.

RICHARDS, Ryan and Mary, girl.

SANDBERG, Neil and Jenifer, boy.

SELF, Jon and Kathleen, boy.

STOKES, David and Tina, boy.

WARNER, Stephen Lee and Charlynn, girl.

WHITTAKER, Douglas and Mary, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BACON, Edward and Lynn, Wendover, boy.

BIESELE, Stanley and Shellie, Kearns, girl.

BIGGS, Gary and Susan, Sandy, boy.

BOWMAN, Cory and Kandi, Salt Lake City, boy.

DIXON, Kelly and Cindy, Magna, girl.

DRUMMOND, Richard and Kristin, West Valley City, girl.

GRAHAM, Eric and Tiffany, Bennion, girl.

ROMERO, Valentino and Leslie, Salt Lake City, girl.

SHELLEY, Wally and Dawn, Sandy, boy.

SORENSEN, Kevin and Pamela, Sandy, girl.

THORPE, Derek and Brenda, West Valley City, boy.

VITELA, Jesse and Diana, West Valley City, boy.

WEBER, Clinton and Shannon, West Valley City, boy.

University Hospital-

BOLEN, Thomas and Kimberly, girl.

EHMAN, John and Deborah, boy.

HOWARD, Michael and Joanne, girl.

HUMPHREY, Allison, girl.

IRISH, Bill and Sue Ann, girl.

MCLAUREN, Jeff and Laura, girl.

PASILLAS, Juan and Rosemary, boy.

PEREZ, Claudia, girl.

RANDLE, Kerri, boy.

VALDEZ, Richard and Maria, boy.