The tape isn't likely to make "America's Greatest Home Video" but it was good enough to initiate a criminal investigation against a 19-year-old Sandy man suspected of committing four burglaries.

A video-surveilance camera inside the Metro Mart, 8100 s. 1300 East, recorded clear pictures of a man who broke into the store late at night and tried to open the cash register on two separate occasions, Nov. 11 and Nov. 23.The police department arranged to get the video on local television with the hope of finding someone who would recognize the suspect and give information to the police. Shortly before the pictures went on the air, Detective Ron larsen go a tip about the burglaries that led him to a suspect, who was also questioned about Nov. 27 and Dec. 5 burglaries at Tuxedo Junction, 673 E. Union Square.

The suspect has since been released while detectives await an appointment to determine charges with the county attorney's office, Watson said.