The Utah Division of Occupational Health and Safety already has some rules governing the use of cranes and derricks as personnel hoists, but until division officials receive a copy of a new rule from their federal counterparts they won't know what additions must be made.

Doug McVey, division director, said he hasn't received a copy of the new rule from federal OSHA, but when he does, he will send copies to those affected by the changes. He said the rules adopted in Utah must be as strict as the federal ones.In any event, he will hold a public hearing while the rule is going through the state's rule-making process. Federal OSHA is giving those states that govern their own OSHA program, like Utah, six months to adopt the rule.

According to information from the U.S. Department of Labor, the new rule will become effective (in those states not governing their own OSHA programs) Oct. 3. It outlines the measures employers must take to prevent accidents when crane or derrick personnel platforms have to be used.

Department officials said the new requirements update and make mandatory guidance the agency has provided for several years in safe hoisting procedures and equipment when there is no safer way to get workers into position to accomplish the task.

The new rules cover all cranes and derricks used to lift people and includes design specifications for personnel platforms, safety features required for cranes and derricks and work practices to prevent accidents.