NASA's Ames Research Center needs to know Utah is ready to support the space agency's proposed Life Support Institute Research Center, a state advisory council says.

The state Advisory Council on Science and Technology on Thursday approved a resolution seeking $1.25 million from the 1991 Utah Legislature.The money would be used either to begin research aimed at supporting long-term U.S. space missions to the moon and Mars, or as matching funds to attract congressional appropriations or possible outside funding.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has proposed building the center in Utah to study and solve problems associated with extended space flight.

But Congress has yet to approve funding the complex, said advisory council member Mike Alder.

"It's going to be in Utah, but they don't have any money yet," Alder said. However, he said, "the very next" NASA appropriation should include funding for the Life Support Institute. "So let's start some of the research now, as a gesture on our part. It will be an investment showing them our interest."

While NASA wants to locate the center in Salt Lake City, probably near the University of Utah campus, the cooperative effort also would involve Brigham Young University, Utah State University and Weber State College, Alder said.

The space agency is interested in Weber State's Center for Aerospace Technology "to build things on the moon," he said. Weber has extensive involvement in construction of space systems, including two satellites that have flown in space and two more it hopes will be lifted into Earth orbit.