To celebrate the important events of the past year in Eastern Europe, the Zivio Ethnic Arts Ensemble will present a winter concert featuring music of Slavic lands. Performances will begin at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 17 and 18 at the Broadway Stage, 272 S. Main. Gene Pack of KUER-FM90 will be host for the evening.

The Zivio Orchestra and Choir will perform seasonal selections of traditional and modern folk music from Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland and the Soviet Union. They hope to bring a touch of home to the 14,000 Eastern European descendants who live in Utah, as well as the general public.The ensemble's choir, Pjevaci, uses great diversity of voice styles, languages and unusual harmonies, both a cappella and with such exotic folk instruments as the gedulka, tamburitza and bagpipes, as well as the violin and flute. A cappella vocals from Croatia will include men's quartets known as Klapa singing, reminiscent of Italian Renaissance canzonetti. The type of women's vocal music from Bulgaria, heard nationally last year, also will be heard, as will Rom (gypsy) music with its rolling, or vocal, percussion.

Bonnie Baty is music director for Zivio and Courtney Ajioka is choral director, with Craig Kurumada as general director of the ensemble and Barry Goldman as artistic director.