Talk-show host Arsenio Hall argued at the beginning of his latest program with two homosexual activists who demanded to know why he doesn't interview more homosexual guests.

The nearly 10-minute debate, which at times turned into a shouting match, appeared to run uncut on Friday's show. It was taped early in the evening in Los Angeles for broadcast later that night.It started when two men, one wearing a T-shirt carrying the slogan "Queer Nation," stood up in the audience and questioned why Hall didn't have more homosexual guests on the program.

"There are a lot of gay guests on this show," Hall shot back, "but it ain't none of your damn business that they are gay!"

Hall, who's black, said he is sensitive to the plight of all minorities, but the hecklers accused him of making fun of homosexuals.

"I do black jokes. I do gay jokes," he said. "I'm a comedian."

Hall was still fuming minutes later when his first guest, actor Paul Hogan, joined him in front of the cameras. Hogan urged him to relax.