The Utah Arts Festival will continue in 1991 at the Triad Center, said Linda Bonar, festival director. The festival's existence on that site was threatened by construction of the adjacent Jazz Arena, which is scheduled to be completed in October 1991, but building contractors have agreed to either cease operation or hold activities to a minimum at the arena during the festival period in late June.

"Because of their cooperation, there will be no threats of dust or heavy equipment noise, so we can provide our patrons with the ambiance conducive to hosting an arts festival," said Bonar.Two commissions will be awarded at the upcoming 15th anniversary festival, both of which Bonar hopes will become annual awards.

Already Utah composer Henry Wolking has been commissioned to write "Forests," which he said "will elucidate the plight of our great forests and how they are being senselessly depleted." The work will be premiered by the Utah Symphony.

Also, the City of Salt Lake, along with Gastronomy Inc., will commission a new work of art, to be installed in a public place. A selection committee will identify five outstanding applicants. From them, a jury will select three artists to present their proposals, and the public will be encouraged to vote for their favorite proposal, with the winning piece being installed later in the summer.

In connection with the latter commission, the festival will accept resumes from artists, architects and landscape architects, sculptors and designers who wish to be considered. Final drawings, blueprints and models fully detailing proposals are to be submitted. The winning proposal will have an all-inclusive budget of $10,000, with $500 each to the other four finalists.

The festival also invites a show of interest in its annually commissioned environmental art project, an outdoor installation piece that must address the large scale of the Triad Center, and may involve a variety of materials such as fabric, light, landscape materials, color or sound. A different jury will select three Utah-based artists who will be commissioned to present a proposal. The piece to be installed will have a budget of $8,000, with an additional $500 going to each of the other two artists for their proposals.

Those interested in being considered for these projects should send a resume and/or slides of their work to the Utah Arts Festival, 158 W. 500 North, Salt Lake City, UT 84103, no later than Jan. 7, 1991. Indicate clearly for which program you are applying. If you want your slides returned, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. For further information, call 322-2428.