* WINNER: Utah for moving to bring buildings up to standards required by law in case of an earthquake. The improvement was reported this week by James Tingey, the state's earthquake preparedness manager. In just this year alone, 20 unreinforced buildings have been brought up to earthquake code.

LOSER: Utah - for not bringing enough buildings up to earthquake code. Tingey reports that 60 percent of the buildings along the Wasatch Front still aren't up to standard.* WINNERS: The six Utah schools nominated this week in the 1990-91 National Drug-Free Recognition Program. The schools are Highland High, Rose Park Elementary, Cyprus High, Granite Park Junior High, Municipal Elementary and Pleasant Grove High. Just being nominated is itself an honor.

* WINNERS: Women business owners. Their ranks, according to a report this week from the Industrial Relations Council of Utah, rose from 2.6 million in 1982 to 4.1 million in 1987 - an increase of 58 percent. That's four times more than the increase in businesses overall.

LOSERS: The television industry - and the people who watch its offerings, particularly young people. Just consider the new report this week from Dr. Francis Palumbo of the American Academy of Pediatrics: This year alone, the average child in the United States will witness 1,000 murders, rapes and assaults while viewing TV. Between 1980 and 1988, the number of violent episodes on TV tripled. Congress clearly should reconsider its position of letting this industry police itself when it comes to TV violence.

* WINNER: Donald Lavoie, 39, a department store sales clerk in Great Falls, Mont. After finding a lost bank bag containing $547 in cash and $249 in checks, Lavoie immediately turned it over to police, initially refused a $100 reward, then accepted it but donated it to the Special Olympics. If this doesn't restore your faith in people, what will?