Lee J. McQuivey, who worked for 18 years as an official of the U.S. regional Army Corps of Engineers,

has been appointed to head the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's new Colorado River Studies Office in Salt Lake City.Bureau regional director Roland Robison said McQuivey will be in charge of evaluating alternatives in the preparation of an environmental impact statement on the operation of Glen Canyon Dam. He will also direct the next phase of the Glen Canyon environmental studies.

The reviews are aimed at determining the best operating procedures for the dam, which backs the Colorado River into Lake Powell. Use of "peaking power" demands to control the dam's water releases has been blamed for severe beach erosion, stranded fish and other ecological problems downstream in the Grand Canyon.

The studies are being conducted by a staff in Flagstaff, Ariz., experts in the bureau regional office in Salt Lake City, a multi-disciplinary team in Reclamation's Denver office, and a group of writers from several agencies, said Barry D. Wirth, bureau spokesman in Salt Lake City.

"I know the job will offer a challenge but I look forward to working with all interests and believe that together we can reach a decision that will result in wise use of the river protection of the Grand Canyon for the present and future," McQuivey said.