Born in December 1981, Chicobey (pronounced Jacoby) is a handsome and personable 9-year-old.

He loves to roller skate. He also likes to play with his train set and Legos. His artistic interests come out in his drawing and work with clay. His dream is to have an energetic family that will do things with him, and to have a bike of his own.Chicobey's easygoing personality and sensitivity toward others make him a delight to have around. In his foster home, he is helpful and cooperative and plays well with younger children. He does well in school and is interested in everything.

A therapy group is helping him develop more positive self-esteem and better social skills. Although he gets along well with others, some of his role models for behavior have been less than ideal. He loves his foster "grandma," but her health won't allow her to consider adoptions. Chicobey will want her to continue to be part of his life.

An active family of similar cultural heritage is preferred for Chicobey. Financial assistance is available to help with the costs of adopting and parenting him.