Fisher-Price has announced a safety campaign involving 975,000 Fisher-Price Car Seats.

The seats were manufactured from April 1985 through August 1985 and from May 1987 through January 1989 and require modification by consumers.Car seats (Model No. 9100) manufactured from April 1985 through August 1985 contain shields that may break during use.

Some car seats (Model Nos. 9100 and 9101) manufactured from May 1987 through January 1989 may have shields that are difficult to latch due to a cracked plastic part on the inside of the buckle. This condition can make it difficult to buckle the shield.

Fisher-Price is providing new shields to consumers who own car seats manufactured during these time periods. The company is urging consumers with affected car seats to call Fisher-Price toll free at 1-800-527-1034 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or write: Consumer Affairs Department A, Fisher-Price, 636 Girard Ave., East Aurora, NY 14052. Consumers should check the small label on the back of the car seat to determine the date of the manufacture and should have the car seat nearby when calling Fisher-Price.

Seats should not be returned to the stores where they were purchased. Fisher-Price strongly recommends that consumers continue using the seat until the replacement shield arrives and that they make certain the buckle is securely latched by listening for a click and pulling up on the shield.

In addition, Fisher-Price is announcing that the button located on the shoulder belt of car seats (Model Nos. 9100 and 9101) can be removed. Consumers have reported that in some instances children have placed the button in their mouths.

The company emphasized that a loose or missing button in no way affects the crash worthiness of the car seat.