A boy who says his parents are too poor to pay school tuition has offered to sell a kidney to anyone needing a transplant.

"This may enable me to get the money required to meet my educational costs so long as there will be doctors to carry out an operation successfully," F.A. Fuko wrote in a letter that the independent Daily Nation published Saturday.Fuko said he was threatened with expulsion from school. But the letter did not give his age, grade, number of children in his family, his school's name in the small Kenya town of Hakati or the cost of tuition.

He said his parents were both jobless and landless and were also unable to meet the family's daily needs.

Fuko said he sought financial help from individuals and organizations in Kenya and other unidentified countries.

"I now offer to sell one of my kidneys at a cheap price to whoever has kidney problems and may want to have a kidney transplant," the letter said.