Roundups of wild horses aren't getting enough of the animals off the nation's Western ranges, U.S. Bureau of Land Management Director Cy Jamison said Wednesday.

The wild horse management program is administered mainly by the BLM. Jamison said the program needs to be changed to ensure proper use of the public rangeland.Jamison made his comments to the recently appointed U.S. Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, which opened three days of meetings here.

The board was named by directors of the Interior and Agriculture departments to make recommendations on ways to improve the wild horse program within budget limits.

The program has about $15 million a year to manage an estimated 53,000 wild horses in 11 Western states.

Jamison said the board should determine the number of horses that would ensure a "thriving, natural ecological balance" on the ranges and then decide what to do with excess horses.

The horses are put up for adoption now, but many of the animals aren't wanted by anyone and end up on two "sanctuaries" in South Dakota and Oklahoma.