Residents of Christmas Street, 1740 S. 1500 East, a well-decorated Salt Lake neighborhood, are trying to end an entrepreneur's $2 hay-wagon rides down their road.

"The guy is looking for business," said Michael Shipley, president of the association formed by residents to handle the annual decorating. "That's offended people because they feel he's taking advantage of their generosity."But Mark Tanner, co-owner of the Carriage Connection, thinks residents should lighten up. He said he is bewildered by the opposition and wonders why residents object to his rides but not to commercial tour buses.

Shipley said the residents, who contribute funds to cover costs of electricity and liability insurance, also are concerned about safety and believe the wagon rides could cause an accident.

He said most of the residents turned off their lights Tuesday night to protest, and a petition is being circulated to ask the city to revoke the operator's permit.

Bob Bridge, city business license supervisor, said Tanner is trying to work things out.

"I don't know what the basic problem is. If it's traffic, we'll send traffic people out and see if, in fact, it is a problem. But I understand large buses are in there making large turns. I wouldn't think this is any more dangerous than a large bus."

Bridge said his office has received complaints about the ride but also has received about as many calls supporting it.