To the editor:

The letter of Martin M. Hausman that appeared in your Readers' Forum Dec. 7 concerning the University of Utah College of Law reflects a complete misunderstanding of the activities of the law school and of the American Civil Liberties Union. It is also simply erroneous in representing that ACLU legal work "runs through the College of Law at the University of Utah."What is true is that law school faculty members participate in a wide variety of community service activities. They do so both because of their own interests and because every university rightly expects that its faculty will contribute to the community in which it lives.

A comprehensive list of their voluntary activities cannot be set forth in a brief letter, but that list includes writing the Military Law Section Bulletin, assistance to the State Land Board and the attorney general's office, continuing legal education presentations on various topics, church activities and memberships on many Supreme Court and Utah State Bar committees.

The list includes, for some faculty, contributions of time to the American Civil Liberties Union, as it does contributions of time by other faculty to the organizations and groups mentioned above.

The College of Law encourages and takes pride in these commitments of the state and community. It would be neither right nor lawful to preclude certain directions for those contributions. Indeed, no state university could do so consistent with First Amendment principles and with nationally accepted notions of academic freedom.

The University of Utah College of Law is one of the fine state law schools in the country. It has long been ranked in the top 20 percent of all law schools, private and public, by every agency that publishes law school evaluations. We hope that the state shares our pride in the education we give our students, in the faculty's participation in national legal affairs and in our contributions to the community of which we are part.

Lee E. Teitelbaum, dean

University of Utah

College of Law