Palestinians Friday fatally stabbed three Jews in a factory in this Tel Aviv suburb, police said, and an angry mob gathered to demand revenge.

The slayings were carried out to mark the third anniversary of the founding of Hamas, or Zeal, an extremist Moslem fundamentalist movement that backs the Palestinian uprising, police said.Tel Aviv police spokeswoman Ettie Grinberg said the bodies of the victims, two male factory workers and a woman secretary, were discovered in a factory building beneath slogans attributing the deaths to Hamas.

Police detained Arab workers from nearby factories for questioning, and a crowd of several hundred Jews gathered at the site, shouting "Death to the Arabs," and "No work for the Arabs" and accusing police of lack of action.

Police blocked journalists from entering the factory, apparently an aluminum plant, and brought out the bodies, wrapped in black plastic bags. The crowd then charged at police officers and reporters, punching and beating them.

Police Commissioner Yaacov Terner, speaking on Israel army radio, described the slaying as a "grave event . . . The reason for this murder is one, nationalism. The slogans written in Arabic on the walls inside are clear."

Hamas called for a day of escalation in the 3-year-old Palestinian uprising Friday to mark the third anniversary of the group's founding.

Terner said police were pursuing two Palestinians, one of whom worked at the factory. Both were from the occupied Gaza Strip, a stronghold of Hamas. Many Gazans work in Tel Aviv and Jaffa, a mixed Arab-Jewish suburb.

The army radio described the two as brothers and Hamas members and said one suspect was later detained at the Erez checkpoint at the entrance to Gaza.