Two Air National Guard squadrons were put on alert for duty to support Operation Desert Shield, the Utah National Guard announced Thursday.

Military officials would not say exactly how many members of the 191st Air Refueling Group and the 151st Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron were alerted.Col. Gordon Hill, commander of the 151st Air Refueling Group, said that fewer than 100 people had been placed on alert.

Lt. Col. P. David Jensen said that 90 to 95 percent of the 191st squadron's air crew personnel, and "a handful" of the 151st maintenance squadron's air crew members were alerted.

Hill said that if the crew members were activated, they would likely be assigned to Air Force bases within the United States in support of Strategic Air Command missions, providing in-flight air refueling for Air Force aircraft.

Thursday's alert came just two days after the activation of 12 members of the Air National Guard 151st Civil Engineering Squadron's crash, fire and rescue section.

Four units of the Utah Army National Guard were activated in August and September.