The president of the African National Congress on Friday said the black opposition group should reconsider its support for international sanctions imposed on South Africa to protest apartheid.

Oliver Tambo, who a day earlier returned to South Africa after 30 years in exile, told the opening session of the ANC's consultative conference that the group had to reconsider its strategy to recognize the changing political situation in South Africa."It is no longer enough for us to repeat the tried slogans," he said in a speech that could mark a major change in the ANC's position on sanctions. It was the first conference of the formerly banned ANC in South Africa in more than 30 years.

Tambo also urged the cheering delegates to step up the struggle against apartheid and win the freedom of blacks.

The conference, which began Friday with some 1,600 delegates, is considering ANC policies and the course of talks with the government on sharing power with the black majority.