Bob Guccione and Penthouse magazine have been ordered to pay more than $4 million to a former Pet of the Year who said she was forced to perform hard-core sex acts and sleep with two Guccione associates.

"Sexual slavery was not part of her job description," Supreme Court Justice Elliott Wilk said in finding that the magazine publisher made sexual demands on Marjorie Thoreson as a condition of employment at Penthouse, where she worked from 1973 to 1980.His "cold and calculatigng ..use of sexual coercion forced her to safeguard her employment by sacrificing her body," the judge said Tuesday.

Thorseon, 37, testified during the 1989 trial that Guccione forced her to perform hared-core sexs acts in a pornographic movie and used her sexual favors as partial payment to furnish a hotel-casion he owned in Atlantic City.

She said Guccione also ordered her to carry on an affair with his financial adviser so he would move from England to the United States. she said she severed the relationship because it appeared the adviser was oing to leave his wife and children.

Thoreson's lawyer, Murrary Schwartz, said she cried when he called her in California with the news.

This decision is "for all the women like her who may have suffered at the hands of Guccione," Schwartz said. "He has finally been held accountable."

Penthouse's lawyer, Jeffrey Daichman, called the award an outrage and said he will appeal.

He said that Thorseon had a relationship with Guccione before she was employed by Penthouse. But "during the time of her employment, there was no sexual relationship between her and anybody associated with Penthouse."