Mayor John Stewart of River Heights, president of the Cache Mayors' Association, was recently elected president of the non-profit Wellsville Mountain Corp.

He succeeds Marion Olsen, Paradise rancher and former chairman of the Cache County Commission, who served as president for several years. Olsen continues as a director.R.G. "Bob" Valentine of Brigham City, chairman of the Box Elder County Commission, was elected vice president, succeeding Don Chase of Brigham City, former chairman of the Box Elder County Commission.

Edna Tanner Romer of Brigham City was reappointed secretary-treasurer of the corporation.

Re-elected as directors were Malcolm C. "Mack" Young of Harper Ward, Box Elder County, and Varsel Charlson of Honeyville, ranchers and community leaders who have long served on the mountain board.

A newly appointed director representing Cache Valley on the board is Mayor Clifford Earl Doolittle of Mendon.

One additional director will be appointed in Box Elder County.

The Wellsville Mountain Corp. was organized in the mid-1930s by Robert Haslam Stewart of Brigham City, John O. Hughes of Mendon and other conservationists.