The sister of Terry Anderson, the longest-held American hostage in Beirut, says she's going to Lebanon next month and won't come back without her brother.

Peggy Say accused the Bush administration Wednesday of doing too little to free Anderson and five other American hostages in Beirut."I know in my dealings with the administration, I have begged and pleaded and threatened and cajoled and cannot make them act," she said.

Anderson, chief Middle East correspondent for The Associated Press, was kidnapped nearly six years ago.

Say said a State Department ban on travel to Lebanon does not apply to families of hostages, but officials still do not want her to go.

"I'm being, of course, greatly discouraged by the State Department, and I've told them they can stop me from going very easily - give me my brother. "This is a private initiative . . . born of frustration and desperation and fear that Terry will not survive much longer," she said. "The administration has given me no choice."

The Rev. Lawrence Martin Jenco, a former Beirut hostage once held with Anderson, may go to Lebanon with her, she said.

Say said former hostages have told her their Lebanese captors wanted to release them but would not do so without Iran's approval.

Iran has refused her an entry visa, "but I can approach the Iranians indirectly in Beirut, and I can't fail Terry any longer," she said. "I don't intend to come back without Terry."