With a new generator in place, the Christmas star in the foothills above Kaysville will shine every evening through the holidays, Kaysville Jaycees project chairman Bruce Nielson said.

The star last year was lit for only a few nights because of a faulty generator. This year, Richard Haynes of US WEST Communications donated a new generator, and the star will again shine, continuing a 29-year tradition.Nielson went up on the hillside earlier in the season, replacing all 40 of the 100-watt bulbs in the star. The Jaycees ride up a narrow, twisting road each evening on snowmobiles or in four-wheel-drive vehicles to fire up the generator that powers the star.

"So, the next time you drive past Kaysville, glance to the east to see the Christmas star on the mountain and think of the adventurous Jaycees who dedicate their evenings to inspire the Christmas spirit for the rest of us," said Nielson.

For help on this year's project, the Jaycees also expressed appreciation to the Manning family for allowing access to the star on their property and to Kaysville City employees Larry Mills, Lee Cammack and Dean Storey.