A budget hearing was postponed by the Juab County Commission until Monday, Dec. 17.

The budget is expected to be finalized at the commission's Dec. 17 commission meeting after the hearing. Residents of the county may offer public comment at the hearing set to begin at 4:30 p.m. in the commission chambers. Comment will be taken on both the proposed tax increase and the proposed 1991 county budget.Commissioners are proposing to increase the amount in the general fund from property tax revenues by 91 percent by decreasing debt service by 100 percent.

Pat Greenwood, county clerk-auditor, said the proposal will not increase the overall property tax revenue.

Commissioners are also proposing to increase the total county budget by 22 percent.

The number of planned capital projects is forcing the increase. Pat Greenwood, county clerk-auditor, said the projects being considered by the county include $5,000 for the pioneer museum and cultural center, $50,000 for Central Valley Medical Center, $2,400 for the west Juab jeep patrol, $11,000 for the 911 emergency phone service, $50,000 for a state-mandated study of solid waste disposal, and $205,000 toward the county's portion of the natural gas system.

The 22 percent increase would add approximately $390,000 to the budget.

The debt service portion of the budget is being decreased to zero, said Greenwood, so the overall property tax revenue will not increase though the amount in the general fund will increase 91 percent.

Greenwood said it was thought the county could handle the hearing under the truth-in-taxation notices but learned they must advertise for a public hearing on the proposal to shift the monies around in the budget.

Another notice was then necessary.