President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev may hold a fifth, farewell summit in New York in September, U.S. News and World Report said on Saturday.

The magazine quoted a senior administration official as suggesting such a meeting could take place during the U.N. General Assembly session. It said the Kremlin has pushed hard for what would be the third meeting between the two men in less than 10 months."A summit would give a big boost not only to the GOP ticket but also to the embattled Soviet leader," it said.

White House spokesman Roman Popadiuk told Reuters: "As far as I know there are no plans for any summit."

Reagan and Gorbachev last met in Moscow May 29 to June 2, when Reagan paid back Gorbachev's December 7-10, 1987, visit to Washington. Their first summit was held in Geneva in November 1985 and their second summit in Reykjavik, Iceland, in October 1986.