After 39 moves, defending champion Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov agreed to a draw Wednesday in the 19th game of their world championship series.

Kasparov, who leads the series 10 points to 9, and Karpov played nearly the entire time allotment of five hours before ending the game. Karpov opened the game playing white.The first player to gain 12.5 points wins the championship and $1.7 million of the $3 million purse. If both players finish the series with 12 points, Kasparov retains his title.

Karpov, who has also held the world title, opened the game by moving his queen's pawn forward two squares. Kasparov responded by moving his knight to square f6 in what is known as the King's Indian Defense.

The last time Kasparov used that defense was in game 11 in New York, where the first 12 games of the series were held.

Game 20 is to be played in Lyon, France, on Saturday.