Organizers of Albania's first non-Communist political party worked Thursday on a platform calling for human rights and privatization of the economy in Europe's last Stalinist state.

The Albanian capital, Tirana, was reported calm Thursday, the day after a mass meeting on University Square hailed the foundation of the Democratic Party of Albania with cries of "We want democracy!" and "Viva democratic Albania!"Thousands of Albanians, trying to force a democratic opening in their nation's government, joined the party, which says it will challenge the ruling Communists Party in February elections.

Students, intellectuals and others Thursday worked on drafting a program and statutes, hoping to present them to authorities within "a couple of days," said Gramoz Pashko, a Tirana University economist involved with the new party.

Pashko, in a telephone interview from Tirana, said the new party sought to implement human rights as outlined in the Helsinki Final Act and subsequent documents and to open up the economy to private and foreign investment.

He said the party hoped to present the program as soon as possible to enable authorities to register the new party.

The ruling Communist Party reversed itself Tuesday and agreed to permit alternative organizations.