A Houston-area company has signed a multimillion-dollar contract to have one of its employees fly as a "guest cosmonaut" aboard the Soviet space station Mir.

Space Commerce Corp. President Art Dula confirmed this week that he had negotiated the deal with the Soviet Union.The company, which Dula declined to identify, will pay more than the $12 million the Tokyo Broadcasting Service was charged by the Soviets to put a reporter in space for eight days.

Dula declined to specify the exact amount the Texas firm will pay or disclose other details, such as the purpose of the flight. Such details must be released only by representatives of the company, he said.

The employee of the Houston-area firm would spend five to seven days in space near the end of 1992, Dula said. The worker would travel in a Soyuz space capsule to and from the Mir space station.

The agreement between the company and the Soviet space agency's manned program was reached last month, Dula said.

Last year, Dula's Houston-based firm brokered a $54 million deal to have the Soviet Union launch up to eight satellites for Energetics Satellite Corp. of Englewood, Colo.