Construction has begun in this polygamist Utah-Arizona border community on John Y. Barlow University, an institution of higher learning catering to fundementalist sect members.

Lewis Barlow, school administrator and one of seven sons of the Colorado City pioneer, said it likely will take several years to finish initial construction at a 40-acre site.The first building - an industrial trades facility - is nearing completion and 40 classes already are under way, he said. Barlow said the building should be finished by Jan. 2, the beginning of winter quarter.

Once the two-story industrial trades building is completed, a $2.5 million, 55,000-square-foot administration building is next on the construction agenda.

A performing arts center also is planned.

Barlow said the private church-owned university depends on donated labor and building materials and cash contributions from sect members.

Members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will receive a tuition reduction at the school, but Barlow said students outside the sect will be allowed, too.

"We will not discriminate on the basis of religion or race, but we will be able to discriminate on social conduct, dress code and an indifferent attitude," he said.

Barlow said JYBU will specialize in study of the area's American Indian history, a focus he said has drawn interest from some potential Navajo and Paiute Indian students.