Families with pets should take a few extra precautions during the holiday season to ensure their pets' safety.

Suggestions from the Humane Society of Utah include:- Secure the Christmas tree to the wall so it can't be knocked over.

- Hang breakable ornaments and tinsel out of paw's reach. Animals can choke or cut themselves on these objects.

- Cover electric cords so pets cannot chew them.

- Keep mistletoe, holly and poinsettias out of reach. (They are poisonous to animals).

- Poultry bones splinter easily and can damage pets' intestines. Chocolate can be deadly to dogs. Give commercially prepared pet treats instead.

- Don't put attractive treats (catnip, meat-flavored snacks) in hanging stockings, especially if they are near a fireplace. Animals will try to get them and could injure themselves.

The society also urges people who are considering giving pets as gifts to make sure the animal is expected and wanted.

For more information contact Katharine Brant at 968-3548 ext. 208.