The family of a Utah tourist stabbed to death trying to defend his mother in a subway station have served notice they will sue the city for $100 million, it was reported Wednesday.

The family of Brian Watkins, a former high school tennis champion, plans to charge that the city failed to provide "a safe place for the general riding public," the New York Post said Wednesday.The date the suit will be filed was not released.

Watkins was slain Sept. 2 in a train station at 52nd Street and Seventh Avenue when muggers accosted the family.

Sherwin and Karen Watkins, Watkins' parents, and his sister, Michelle, who are all from Provo, Utah, accused the city, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Emergency Medical Services and the hospital system in the suit.

They said the MTA did not properly train its token clerks to respond to emergencies or provide working telephones so clerks could call police. They also charge the city with failing to provide an ambulance that responded quickly enough and an EMS crew that could properly treat Watkins.